4 March 2011

Folksy Finds on Friday...

I've decided to try and commit to posting more often than I have been, I love looking at other blogs and have noticed that a few people post about items they find on Etsy, which has inspired me to create a new post each week called 'Folksy Finds on Friday' which will have a theme each week and be products I have found that I think are great!

So here's my first post, this weeks theme is........Door Stops!

  1. Beach Hut Door Stop BH869 ~ £16.00 @  The Purple Beach Hut 
  2. Ship's Cat Door Stop ~ £10.50 @ Millicent
  3. Pink spot Millie mouse doorstop ~ £12.00 @ Heart and Sew Gifts 
  4. Gene the buttontastic chicken doorstop  ~ £14.00 @ Swirly arts
  5.  Scottie Dog door stop ~ £19.99 @ Kardsnmore
  6. Pear Doorstop/Bookend ~ £12.00 @ Lily Sweets Handmade Treats
I just love the mouse doorstop, so cute but would not go down so well with my boys!  I think my favorite one is the buttontastic chicken doorstop called Gene! TTFN ~x~

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