25 June 2011

Wedding Season....

It's wedding season and I have three weddings cakes to make over the next three months!

I love cake decorating, I don't mind baking the cakes either but my favorite part is the cake decorating, so let me tell you about the cakes I'm going to be making.

The first cake is for a colleague at work, well her daughter actually, she's marrying an Australian guy and they have decided on a ivory cake.  Four tiers and they are using it as their dessert, so they want a simple sponge, jam and butter cream, a Australian mud cake and lemon drizzle cake...hmmm yummy!  The fourth tier is going to be a dummy cake made from polystyrene.

She wants it to look something like this, which is a cake originally by Marks and Spencer;

The lady has a colour scheme of purple, cream and latte so I'm going to incorporate this with ribbon at the base of each cake.

The second cake is for another colleague at work and I have to say I am most excited about making this one.

We have been discussing Lucy's wedding for some time now and her colour theme is black and white, so obviously she was keen to have a black and white cake, here are a few I suggested;

But she finally settle on something like this one and I have to agree it's lovely, just hope it turns out the same!!

The final one is the week after Lucy's and they want a very simple three tier cake with ivory ribbon around the base of the cakes.

I think they are putting fresh flowers on the top which will look lovely.  Well that's what I'll be up to over the summer, well among other things....TTFN~x~
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