23 February 2011

A Wreath to Remember ...

Well now that I've finished my cushion, I need something else to get my teeth into.

I've been pinning away on Pinterest and one of my boards is called A Wreath to Remember, basically it has all the wreaths I find pinned to it, my inspiration! I'm going on about it I know, but I'm building up to my next project.

One of my colleagues at work, Sam, has been making birch wreaths for a few years now and we had a discussion a while back about collaborating and using her wreaths for something....so she makes the wreath and I'll decorate it.  I bought a wreath from Sam last week and I have been busy making flowers and leaves to adorn it.....I'm upcycling too! Using an old pair of white linen maternity trousers......lets just say it is highly unlikely I'll need them again, lol.

Anyway, I'll post a picture when its finished rather than show you a part way through piccie! TTFN ~x~

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