23 February 2011

A Wreath to Remember ...

Well now that I've finished my cushion, I need something else to get my teeth into.

I've been pinning away on Pinterest and one of my boards is called A Wreath to Remember, basically it has all the wreaths I find pinned to it, my inspiration! I'm going on about it I know, but I'm building up to my next project.

One of my colleagues at work, Sam, has been making birch wreaths for a few years now and we had a discussion a while back about collaborating and using her wreaths for something....so she makes the wreath and I'll decorate it.  I bought a wreath from Sam last week and I have been busy making flowers and leaves to adorn it.....I'm upcycling too! Using an old pair of white linen maternity trousers......lets just say it is highly unlikely I'll need them again, lol.

Anyway, I'll post a picture when its finished rather than show you a part way through piccie! TTFN ~x~

20 February 2011

Upcycle Heaven...

I'm into this thing called upcycling at present, its an ingenious way to recycle old things and make them into useful items for your home or person. I even have a board on Pinterest devoted to upcycling, check it out!

Wikipedia say this about upcycling;

Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value.

So there you go, I figured I'd have a go myself and thanks to my lovely husband, David, who managed to rip the crotch of his jeans whilst bending over and my little boy Harry donating an ill-fitting t'shirt; I have come up with this gorgeous cushion.

The jeans have made up the cushion (obviously!) and the appliqued car came from a t'shirt of Harry's that was due to go to the charity shop, until I thought "hmmm....".  I used some ribbon that I had saved off my mother in laws Christmas Crackers, for the traffic light, with buttons from the donation from my Mum's colleague and a rectangle of denim inside out.

I thought that would be it, but I kept looking at the finished cushion and thought it needs something else, so I had bought some embroidery thread from the charity shop weeks ago and sewed "Vroom" onto it.  To say I'm happy with it is an understatement!  Lets just hope someone on my Folksy shop Doodledandy like it!!   TTFN ~x~

19 February 2011

Absence makes the heart grow fonder....

Okay, okay I haven't blogged about anything since the 8th of February.....shame on me!

There is a reason for this, I have been working a lot lately in my 'real' job in the evenings and have also been trying to get stock together for my Folksy shop Doodledandy, which is and has been a slow process!

However, these aren't the only reason for my absence!! I have been hooked by the claw of Pinterest.....oh my lord....am I hooked? YES, ABSOLUTLEY!!!

I now have 25 boards, and 25 followers.  The reason I'm so completely infactuated by Pinterest is the amazing source of inspiration it can give you for all things, crafts, home design and even words to live your life by!

I decided it would be a nice idea to have some funky names for my boards, here's just a few of them;
  • As cute as a button - anything to do with buttons
  • Big doors swing on little hinges - doors, I like doors
  • Good words are worth much and cost little - inspirational quotes
  • Imelda Marcos eat your heart out - shoes, I LOVE shoes!!!
Anyway, if you want to check out my boards, have a look Pinterest\Sazzledoodle. TTFN ~x~

8 February 2011

Excuse the mess......

I love my blog design, but felt I needed to update the background and have a complete image overhaul....particularly for my Folksy site too. So I had a play over the weekend and messed it all up!! My friend Sarah over at Stuffed Duck helped me out though....thanks hun! Still have to change all the fonts etc tho.

Anyway, I'll be working behind the scenes on the design, change of colours the lot, so watch this space for a fresh, spring and summery feel to the blog and my Folksy shop!

I'm working on some button art this week, so photos to follow! TTFN ~x~

3 February 2011

Cakes, glorious cakes........

Just wanted to let you know about my cakes.  My other hobby, baking and decorating cakes which I mostly do for friends, family and work colleagues.  I started making cakes when my eldest son had his 1st birthday and his cake was a Fimbles cake....do you remember the Fimbles??

Well, lets just say I got the bug for it and proceeded to make cakes for other members of my family.  Then one day one of my colleagues was retiring and she was into gardening and had an allotment, so I offered to make a cake...which I have to say turned out pretty good.  Lots of my colleagues at work were impressed and it went from there really.  I don't really advertise my cake making, I just go on word of mouth, but its something I love doing.

Here's one of my favourites;

TTFN ~x~

2 February 2011

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside.....

I've been somewhat of a slacker these past few days, what with one thing or another I just haven't had a chance to post anything!

I managed to put a few more items on my Folksy site DoodleDandy which was left over stock from the Christmas fayre I did at my eldest son's school.  I really need to work on some new stock for my shop and have many ideas floating around my head.....I just need to get the ideas out and make them!

I have made a momentous decision that my bathroom needs redecorating. It's not an old bathroom and it's actually a lovely blue colur with creamy beige tiles, but it just needs something....which leads me on to what I've been doing when I get a moment, I've created a mood board. Basically I Googled the theme I was after and have found some great inspiration. The theme? The Beach!

I've decided to paint the walls with a stripe effect in neutral shades, which should look great with the white suite and white cabinet.  Then I just need to fill it full of beach accessories, like boats, lighthouses, starfish to name a few....watch this space and when it's done I'll post a picture. TTFN ~x~
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