26 January 2011

My box full of magic...

Wow....Its been a while hasn't it? Well I guess a few days anyway... I've been pretty busy with work and the children so haven't had a chance to post anything.

I was sorting through some fabrics and all my stash and thought I'd show you my beloved craft box, its full of paints, ribbons, paper stock, ooh so much I just love it! My pal Sally over at Knit Sally Knit bought a king size duvet set at a charity shop last week, so I was busy cutting that up yesterday, its has a patchwork effect so I cut up all the different squares so I can actually make them into a patchwork item, you can see them in my craft box below, they are floral with a green and white spot background and stripes;

On Monday, I took delivery of the woven ribbons I ordered.  I found them slightly cheaper on Holland Fabric House, they have allsorts of haberdashery and fabrics, check it out!

I could probably do with sorting out my craft box, putting things into storage boxes etc.....watch this space the next time you see my box of magic, it WILL be tidy!!! TTFN ~x~

20 January 2011

Blogs are what we make them ....

So I've been checking out various blogs, some of my favourites too and decided that I wasn't completely happy with mine....I know, I know I've only been doing this for a few days, but I wasn't too sure on the layout.....I love my header (thanks Sarah ~x~).

Anyway, I've made a few changes and so far so good, let me know what you think.....

I have yet another bag of unwanted clothes to take to the charity shop but something made me look through the bag again and I was slapped with so many ideas for the fabrics from the clothes and even some old jumpers, so I have begun the task of cutting the pieces into more manageable sizes, chopped off the buttons and they have been stowed away for other projects.

I hope to have some photos up at the weekend of what I've been working on, so check back soon!  TTFN ~x~

18 January 2011

Inspiration by the light of day...

I've been looking for more inspiration and found this on Just Another Day in Paradise, I'm not a knitter either so I may have a go at making this I think, it's just lovely.....watch out charity shops, I'll be coming your way on Wednesday on a mission to get me a jumper!

I can see me working on this over the next year, seeing as the weather is warming up a bit, but still great idea for Christmas presents for all my friends and family!

To digress, I ordered some grosgrain spotty ribbon from Ebay the other day well it came today, much to my disappointment, it was so tiny....I'm terrible at sizes!  The first time I ever ordered my weekly shop online, I bought the smallest bag of sugar known to man! lol.  I have now taken to walking around with a tape measure on a keyring, which I got from a Christmas cracker, on the car keys....very handy.  I'll look on my phone, see if they have a conversion app....that would be cool! TTFN ~x~

17 January 2011

Whimsy maniac...that's me!

Hello, name is Sara and I'm a whimsy maniac! There I said it....I have now decided that I am completely addicted to fabrics and ribbons and buttons.....oh just about any craft items really and the more whimsy the better.

Today I have been looking at a fabulous website, Clothkits, which sells kits for clothes, children and adult clothes, but whoopeee they also sell haberdashery items....I was in my element.  Take a look, its fabulous, below are some of my favourite things (oohh felt like bursting into song then, lol).

They're great arent they?  Anyway, I decided I'd buy some and use them to adorn some of my patchwork cushions that I will be making for my Folksy shop,  Doodle Dandy which desperately needs restocking after Christmas, thats my next job!

Did I mention, I've started Weight Watchers? Well I have and I lost 3lbs last week so I'm really pleased!  Only another zillion pounds to go!!

Well better get on, I have a date with my wardrobe, going to do a bit more clearing out and dropping off at the charity shop....they must love me this week! TTFN ~x~

16 January 2011

Easy like Sunday morning...

Just sat here browsing the net, found some fabulous fabric by Amy Butler, and have decided I'm going to make some patchwork cushions and a topper for my bed, when I say topper I kind of mean a quilt, but not as big as one but larger than a runner!.....if that makes sense?

I have decided I'll start by making some blocks, then sew them all together, I'll do something quite simple that will incorporate all five of these designs!

Yesterday, was so hectic, my husband took my eldest boy to football training and came home with two more boys!!! I would'nt have minded had I not been having a good clearout and doing a charity shop run.  I did my bit for charity and took four huge sacks of clothes and four carrier bags of books!  Wow, it felt great to get rid of all those bits I'd been saving to put on Ebay, I kept some of the better stuff to put on which is still in a large box in the corner of my bedroom (much to the disgust of my husband - bothered!).

Hey ho, back to browsing......TTFN ~x~

14 January 2011

My first blog....

Well there you go, here it is my first ever blog and I intend to use this to keep anyone up to date in what I'm up to with all things crafts....which I have to say I'm very into at the moment. 

Last October I set up my Folksy shop and even managed to sell some items! along with having to work very hard to produce loads of stuff for work colleagues and people from my sons school for Christmas.  Below is a picture of my best seller;

I also made some patchwork cushions, which I sold to my friend as Christmas presents.....this got me thinking that I'd like to make more, so I have been busy buying fabric scraps and remnants.....I'll let you know how I get on.

Anyway, I've gotta get on, put the kids to bed and sit down to watch True Blood Season 3....can't wait! TTFN ~x~

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