8 March 2011

The House of Pancakes

Today is Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake Day as most people know it.  It is when people use up all their fat, butter , sugar and eggs as it is the last day before Lent when Christians traditionally give up rich food for 40 days.

So keeping with tradition, we have eaten pancakes!!  It doesn't really bother me to be fair but my boys love them.  Now normally I would stand there and cook up a batch to order, with the obligatory lemon and sugar......but this year I kinda cheated!

Marks and Spencer is a godsend, so we bought these yummy pre-cooked pancakes with a lemon sauce;

and then I saw these chocolate chip buttermilk pancakes and the normal buttermilk pancakes with a butterscotch sauce, and you just can't have pancakes without ice cream!!

Here's a picture of the boys with their's, Jack had seconds!!!

So there it was done, quick simple and not as much washing up!  They tasted okay too once warmed up, so maybe next year our new tradition will be shop bought ones, who knows! TTFN ~x~

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