28 October 2011

I'm late, I'm late...

No don't worry, not that kind of late! People, I'm not pregnant!!

But I am late...I'm usually well on my way to having most if not all my Christmas shopping done but I have to hold my hands up and admit I have not had the time to get anything...until today that is.

I met one of my friends down the road at lunchtime and we were walking and talking, looking in the charity shop, you know like you do and we decided to pop into the chemist.  They had buy one get one half price on Baylis and Harding gift sets, I adore their products so I picked up a couple of sets for my Mum and sister!
Yay, I'm off and on my way, only a few hundred more pressies to go and I'm done!!! I'm off to look at Ebay and some online toy shops...when I get going I just can't stop! TTFN ~x~

26 October 2011

It's been a while....but you can't get rid of me that easily!

Yes, its been a while...

My last two blogs were back in May and June when I was busy making wedding cakes and feeling pretty exhausted.

My new job is a bit more involved than my previous with deadlines to make and lots of projects on the go...still I can't grumble, I have a job and I'm earning money!

 I've changed my blog again....I just can't help myself and I get bored so very easily. I'm not even going to say that this is the last time, maybe I should do one each season...if that's the case though I'll have to change this again for a winter theme....aaahhh poop, no not gonna, maybe my new years resolution is to accept what I do the first time around??

Its that time again when I'll be busy creating things for the Christmas fayre at my son's school and refreshing my Folksy shop. I have seriously been considering Etsy but I'm not sure I could do with sending things abroad? Is it too much hassle or just as easy as sending out in this country???

Anyway I'm going to be making some upcycled cushions for kids rooms out of denim, like me 'Vroom' cushion I made and also some patchwork and linen boudoir cushions. I also have some embroidered fabric that I'm going to make into cushions.
Then of course there will be the normal Christmas plaques, I have to come up with some new ideas.....I better crack on with this though, the fayre is at the end of November!!!

 I have loads of magnet pegs, fridge magnets and different gift tags, although I need to make some Christmas ones too. Decorative mirrors and some button art on canvas which was quite popular at the summer fayre!

Wow, I'm going to be a busy bee but I like a challenge. TTFN ~x~
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