18 March 2011

Folksy Finds on Friday...

It's that time again, where we celebrate the talent of those Folksy fellows....

This weeks theme.....Soap.

  1. Handmade goats milk cupcake soap ~ £3.75 @ Heart and Sew Gifts
  2. Lemon meringue pie soap 130g ~ £2.50 @ Soapalicious
  3. ***Butterfly Bliss*** Soap ~ Vegan ~ £3.75 @ Oracle Lake
  4. Funky Felted Soap - Union Jack ~ £6.50 @ The Rainbow Rooms
  5. Lego soap- Large lego brick soap (duplo sized) ~ £1.10 @ Bits N Bobs
  6. Soap - Skull and Crossbones ~ £2.00 @ Little Green Caravan

Although I don't really use soap, other from washing my hands on occasions with it (normally we use liquid soap), I  love the lemon meringue pie soap in this selection and I think my boys would love the Lego soap. Whats your favourite? TTFN~x~

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