28 March 2011

The world according to Harry...

Today my sister Kelly has had the day off and it's also my Dad's birthday so we thought it would be nice to give him a birthday lunch, nothing fancy just sandwiches, crisps and a shop bought cake (I didn't have the time to make one!).  So Kelly and I decided we'd take Harry, my two and a half year old, to the shops for provisions, he was great going around the shops, pointing out things he knew and not once asking to go down the toy aisle.

He growled a little bit at the checkout lady, but hey I thought it looked more like a toothy grin and I'm sticking with that story!!

On the way out he spots the kids rides, well because Aunty Kelly was with us he was fortunate to be treated to a ride on Jay Jay the Jet Plane, which he loves;

Three rides later he hops off, Kelly and I ready to make our way home, only to jump onto the Bear in the Big Blue House Boat! Bless him, he was oblivious to the fact these rides cost money;

One ride later and we are both thinking this has got to be it?!?  Oh no, not Harry, he jumps onto Barney's Train or "Choo Choo" as he so eloquently puts it;

All I can imagine is that he's thinking "Why ride one, when you can ride all three...". That's the world according to Harry....TTFN ~x~

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