23 May 2011

I'm exhausted....

Yes I am exhausted so apologies for not posting for a whole week!  Last week was busy one and on Friday I went off for a weekend with the Cub Scouts at a local camp site, so I am bushwacked!   I'll post about that later, I'm still trying to recover from the weekend! TTFN ~x~

13 May 2011

Folksy Finds on Friday...

This would have been posted earlier but there's been a problem with blogger since yesterday.

This is one of my favourite mediums and I love that it is so versatile.

This weeks theme.....Hessian.

  1. Hand printed rustic stag cushion ~ £46.00  @  Helkatdesign
  2. Christmas Stocking ~ £6.99 @ Funky & Modern Country Eco-friendly Homeware & Goodies
  3. I Heart You Bag ~£29.99 @  Shellybobbins™
  4. Mini Lotus Lunch Bag ~ £7.00 @ Snowdon
  5. Rainbow Cockle Shell Cluster ~ £3.00  @ Leanne Woods Designs
  6. Up-cycled fabric button keyring-natural tones, browns and pink ~ £6.00  @ NaMade
I adore the stag cushion from Helkatdesign, it inspires me to make my own cushions out of hessian and use freezer paper to do some stencilling, just have to decide on a design.....hmmm decisions, decisions. TTFN ~x~

9 May 2011

The Craft Shed...

What does she mean by "The Craft Shed"? I hear you ask.....well for months now I've been trying to persuade my father to let me convert the shed in our garden to MY craft shed but alas to no avail.....

"Where will we put the stuff that's in the shed now?" he asks every time I mention it.

So I decided I would try to assemble some evidence to explain what I was trying to achieve, you never know this may sway him into agreeing what a fabulous idea it would be to transform a generally bog standard shed into a craft haven for myself, somewhere to hide and drift off into my own little craft world, my very own utopia....oops sorry I was drifting off for a moment!

I was surfing around and came across a new blog Daily Suze, and she had done any article on how they were building a shed, she had some fab photos and this one caught my eye.  I figured I could show it my dad so he could see my vision;

I love the way both doors can open and let in the light, we have double doors on our shed, yay! I love the colour of the shed, that off white is lovely but to be honest I was thinking of a pale sage green and I love the window that houses the desk below it, our shed has one like this too.

The only thing I feel it needs is a little more storage for my fabric stash, card stock and shelving for my button collection, it would also need a wider desk so I could have my sewing machine up all the time.

As you may be aware I am a huge advocate of Pinterest and I have a board called The Craft Shed, this is where I stash ideas for my shed, storage and decor ideas.

So what do you think, do you think my dad will go for the idea? I have to say I do have a habit of getting round my dad, eventually.....I'll keep you posted! TTFN ~x~

7 May 2011

They call it mellow yellow....

Yellow.  I love the colour yellow, not quite as much as white but it does something for your mood, do you know what I mean? When I see yellow things it reminds me of spring and summer, of warmth and sunshine, it makes me smile....so yellow can't be bad can it?

So what is the meaning of yellow, I found the following information from Feng Shui and Beyond and it describes how yellow makes me feel to a tea!

The meaning of yellow is very happy, warm, stimulating, and expansive. Yellow draws people out and makes them more talkative. It helps to focus one’s attention and stimulate the intellect. Yellow also encourages hope and optimism, and is very grounding and supportive when muted. Some common properties of the color yellow include:

Social / Extroverted
Cheerful (happiest of all colors)
Grounding, support, stability (when muted)
Abundance / Richness / Splendor
Hope / Optimism
High-spirited / Inspiring
Potency / Fertility

The meaning of the color yellow is commonly associated with light and the sun. Like the sun, the color yellow is very warm, uplifting, cheerful and happy.

I've heard, yellow is going to be huge this year, so I did a little research into all things yellow and came up with the following;

Yellow rooms are are said to make people more talkative and outgoing. I love the bathroom and kitchen in these pictures.

I love the colour yellow but unfortunately I don't think I could wear it with my colouring, so this year I'll be looking out for yellow accessories to go with my usual black clothing!!! I'll be the one that looks like a bumblebee.....BTW I'm loving this Chanel bag, early birthday pressie maybe? Yeah right. TTFN ~x~

6 May 2011

Folksy Finds on Friday...

Ooops a little late in the day to post this but I've been pretty busy today so I didn't get a chance earlier!

As you may be aware I love making and decorating cakes however there are times when something simple on top of a cake will do!

This weeks theme.....Cake Toppers.

  1. Wedding Pig Cake Topper and 40 Favors ~ £100.00  @  Amys Clay Critters
  2. Cake Topper ~ £24.99 @ Handmade by Jool
  3. Jack Russell Topper "Jackers R Us" ~£12.00 @  Ludicris Toppers: Handmade Collectables and crafted toppers
  4. Unique Custom/Hand Made Mr & Mrs Love Owl ~ £35.00 @ Johanna Brown's Cake Toppers
  5. Rainbow Cockle Shell Cluster ~ £7.00  @ Delightfully Decorative
  6. Set of 50 Alice In Wonderland EAT ME Vintage Party Picks-Cupcake Toppers £50.00  @ Craftypagan Designs
I think the Jack Russell topper from Ludicris Toppers: Handmade Collectables and crafted toppers is so cute and would be lovely for all the dog lovers out there but I have to say my favourite one out of this selection is the Wedding Pigs from Amys Clay Critters TTFN ~x~

1 May 2011

Summer is on its way....

Well if felt like it yesterday anyway!  The weather was glorious here so we took advantage of it and we were outside most of the day.

We cut the lawn and watered the garden and I think it looks lovely, don't you think?

I treated myself to a gorgeous white azalea that caught my eye whilst I was shopping in Waitrose, I know Sarah, its white!! lol I have a thing about all things white at the moment and its a bit of a standing joke with my pal Sarah.  That got planted yesterday too.

My Dad and I finished the fence painting on Friday afternoon, after the wedding....had to take advantage of the extra day off.

I guess it's been a pretty busy weekend, Dad oiled the table and I started oiling the director chairs, which I think will come up looking lovely.  I've ordered some dark green dye for the canvas covers, so they can be freshened up for the Summer too.

So there you go, thats been my weekend so far and I have today and Monday to fill up too...I think we'll move the rotary drier to the side of the house today....its spoils the look of the garden and tomorrow.....hmmm maybe a bit of crafting in preparation for the school fayre....pheww! Have you been busy??? TTFN ~x~
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