17 March 2011

The Easter Bunny is on his way...

Easter is not far off now, the eggs have been in the shops since New Year (well maybe not that long but not far off!!!) and it's got me thinking on what I can make for Easter decorations.  Several people have also asked me if I would be making anything (to sell) for Easter too.

Anyway, I decided I might need some inspiration, and because I follow so many blogs, I figured what better place to find inspiration than there.

I just love these painted eggs which I found on A Field Journal, I'm assuming they are made from real eggs but I suppose you could use plastic eggs instead and use the right paint? Or maybe I could decoupage them with some pretty tissue paper.....ooh the ideas are swimming around this brain of mine!

This is super cute from First Lady of  the House and so simple to do, I have a great collection of card stock at the moment with some lovely Easter colours, I'm sure I could recreate something similar.

This is such a lovely Easter decoration from Pottery Barn, and American store (okay not technically a blog, but I still like looking at it).  Unfortunately, it's no longer available to purchase and they don't ship to the UK.....major disappointment here!  Still, I could probably make something very similar, although I'm not sure I would want to sell it!!

And last but not least, this gorgeous Easter wreath from She's {Kinda}Crafty, made from ribbon scraps.  I think it's just lovely!! Alternatively, I could just make some pretty Easter plaques....hmmm, I think I'll sleep on it! TTFN~x~

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