29 January 2013

Think before you act and read the reviews...

I now know reading reviews are a must, most definitely...don't rely on the brand name reputation!

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I've had phone trouble, mobile phone trouble to be exact. Not with my contract but with recycling my old phone. Rather than throwing my old phone in the drawer to gather dust, I thought I would recycle it and get a little bit of cash for my trouble!

Needless to say it hasn't gone according to plan, I had a contract with O2 so thought I might as well use their recycling service, so I input my details, got a price and waited for the prepaid packaging to arrive. Now bearing in mind the figure they give you online is guaranteed to 14 days, my packaging arrived 8 days later leaving me only 6 days to a) decide for sure if I wanted to sell it...yep! and b) return it to them!

I packaged up my phone and went to the post office to send it special delivery, which is extra cost to the prepaid envelope...approximately £5!!

The a few days later I get an email to say my phone has 'minor cosmetic' damage...hmmm yeah right! and that the price was to be reduced. If I was happy with the price I need not do anything and I would get and Amazon Certificate for the cost on Monday. Guess what no certificate!!

I thought I would check out some reviews about O2 Recycle and guess what? They were absolutely slated...registering 1 star, bad communication etc. Oh dear!! (picture a woman pulling out her hair and getting might angry)

I have eventually managed to contact someone who has arranged for the funds to be paid direct to my account but just so you know....review, check, review and review again.

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 I would have saved myself a huge headache.

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