28 January 2013

Countdown to freedom...

Ooohh sounds ominous doesn't it....like I'm in prison and will soon be out...well I can assure you I am not in prison and certainly intend to stay well away from prison thank you very much!

As I mentioned before I am being made redundant and today is the start of my countdown. It's one month until D-Day (done-day) to be exact and to say I can't wait is an understatement!  I loved my job when I started this part of my career, I was so, so happy.

But as we all know things can change pretty rapidly and after several key people left, my job started going downhill! I plodded along because that's what you do, don't you? So now circumstances have ensured that redundancy is the only option and whilst I will be get some money from the redundancy, it won't last forever.

I'm thinking really hard now what I want to do with the rest of my life, I know I would love to make things and sell them because it's something I love doing and I want to be successful in my life.

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But also I want to do something worthwhile and I want to feel rewarded in whatever I do....is that too much to ask? For now I'll keep thinking and work towards stocking my Etsy shop!

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