15 January 2013

Hello boys, I'm back...

In the wise word spoken by Randy Quaid in Independence Day, 'Hello boys, I'm back!'

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After an extremely long hiatus, not quite a year, I'm back to work on this little blog of mine.  I have redesigned it and I'm happy with it, really happy...okay it's not professionally designed but it's pretty good in my eyes.

I have lots of ideas in what to fill it with, mostly with the things I love, everyday life and crafting.

Lots of things have happened over the past 10 months, one of which is I'm taking redundancy from my job of 18 years, so I hope to have a little more time on my hands for craft projects I have in mind.

I am working on building stock for my Etsy shop which I will launch in the near future, when I'm happy with my stock levels and I hope to sell hand crafted cushions, bunting, plaques and button art as I did in my Folksy shop.  This time around I'm going to get prepared, I hate to rush my work and love to produce great products that I would be happy to receive, so watch this space.  I'll be sure to share my work on the blog too.

So there you go, I'm glad to be back, be sure to follow me!

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