16 January 2013

Looks like it's gonna snow...

I love the snow. It looks so beautiful when it settles, when it's unspoilt by vehicles driving on the roads creating the steel, grey, slush in the gutters.

This is what one of the roads in our village looks like after the vehicles have been at it, the trees look magical but somehow slightly spoilt by the road...but hey that's life right?!

So the snow is due Friday and I can't wait, my boys love the snow too. We wrap up warm, put on our wellies and traipse through the snow to the cricket field, where we lay in the snow and make snow angels!!

Image source
What joy, seeing my boys eyes light up and hear them giggle as we throw snowballs at each other.

I just hope the snow fall won't be as much of a disappointment as it was this past Monday, it had melted by lunchtime!!

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