22 January 2013

Les Miserables and non-stop sobbing...

Oh my word...I completely forgot to tell you about my movie trip with my girlfriends last Thursday!!

Well by now you know I went to to see Les Miserables with my girlfriends last week and what can I say...if you haven't seen it you must!

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It was absolutely fantastic, the actors and actresses surprised me in every scene, their singing was beautiful.

I was completely blown away by Anne Hathaway when she sang “I Dreamed a Dream”. To say I didn't cry would be a lie, I sobbed...but can I just say I wasn't the only one...all but one of the six of us that went cried too and pretty much all the way through the movie.

I recently watched an interview with Anne Hathaway on how she prepared for the scene where they cut her hair and when she was singing “I Dreamed a Dream”, can you believe she sung that live whilst they cut her hair? her own, real life, gorgeous, hair???

As for Hugh Jackman, one of my friends (who will remain nameless) turns to me in the first scene and whispers to me, "Isn't that Wolverine?".  I just love my friends!!

I have yet to see the other movies nominated for the Oscars, I'm going to try and get to see them and then maybe my opinion on who should win may be swayed but as it stands now...Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway should win, as should the movie!!

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