19 February 2012

Upcycle heaven...

Don't throw it away, upcycle it!

Here are some great ideas for upcycling  an everyday item, tin cans! I mean most households use some kind of tinned food on occasions and granted the local government has made it a lot easier to recycle tin cans with our recycling wheelie bins, but upcycling them looks much more fun.
Images via here, here, here, here, here and here
I am definitely going to have a go at punching holes in the tins for fabulous lanterns, these would look great in the garden at a hot summer evening BBQ. I'm also loving the planters with buttons adorning them, but overall my fave has to be the 'organisation station' from Shabby Chic Inspired although I love the shabby chic look I would probably go for a white and duck egg coloured theme. Which one do you like? TTFN ~x~

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