18 February 2012

Brighton in February...

We went to Brighton this past Friday and guess what we did? I'll give you a clue...
Yep, we went on the Brighton Wheel. We all thought it was great, the weather in Brighton was overcast and the wind was sharp but it was a great day out.  We wrapped up warm and walked from one end of the seafront (where we parked the car!) all the way up to the pier and wheel.
The wheel was better than I expected, I haven't been on the London Eye yet, but this has inspired me to take the plunge and go asap.  The boys loved it, well Harry was a little nervous at first but by the third rotation he was just peachy. I would recommend it to anyone, you get a good view of Brighton up there and it's reasonable at £25 for a family of four.

Now in my family you cannot go to the seaside without going on the beach, so wrapped in jackets we trudged down to the surf. Thank goodness the kids didn't end up in the drink but they could have done without the stern warnings from Mum!!

Don't you just love the sound of the waves hitting the shore? Anyhoo, for some unknown reason I always take the wrong turning coming back from Brighton and end up going towards Eastbourne! I know, crazy aren't I? But we did eventually get home, albeit one hour later than we should, hey ho! TTFN ~x~

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