15 April 2011

Folksy Finds on Friday...

Easter is fast approaching and I wondered what alternative Easter gifts do those guys on Folksy have....

This weeks theme.....Egg Cosies.

  1. Egg Cosy  ~ £7.50 @  Dollydoo
  2. Egg Cosy  ~ £9.50 @ Jane Lightfoot Designs
  3. Cream Hen Egg Cosy ~ £8.00 @ Sue2
  4. Easter Bunny Egg Cosy ~ £7.00 @ Lilipopo at Glassmountain
  5. Little Chook Egg Cosy ~ £4.00 @ Aerie Faerie
  6. Benjamin Egg Cosy - Hearts Neck Tie ~ £9.50 @ Charlotte Macey Textiles
I love the all of these egg cosies but I guess if I had to pick my most favourite it would be the Little Chook Egg Cosy from Aerie Faerie, which one would you like for Easter?? TTFN ~x~

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