26 April 2011

Don't you just love the beach?

I don't know what it is about walking on the beach, maybe it's because we don't live that close to one that its such a joy to take a walk on one.

Last week, my eldest was on his Easter holiday from school so my Mum and I took the opportunity to take the boys down to the coast, via IKEA in Southampton (but that's another story!).

The boys loved the beach, although it's a pebble beach it just feels great when you get to paddle in the sea, well that's what Jack thought...

Harry on the other hand was just content to throw pebble in the sea and run away when the waves hit the shore...

Jack was somewhat disappointed that we didn't end up at a sandy beach beach he was desperate to build a sangar (a term for a small temporary fortified position originally made up of stone, now built of sandbags and similar materials - wikipedia) however they both did get to do a little digging and a lot wet!!!

Mum and I took great pleasure sitting on the pebbles, watching the boys whilst collecting some lovely shells and unusual pebbles to take home.  We just kicked off our shoes and enjoyed the sun....

Our next beach trip will be at the beginning of June on a sandy beach this time, although it will be the lovely black sand on the island of Lanzarote..... can't wait! TTFN ~x~


  1. I haven't been to Southhampton before, but it is on the list! We just got back from Tenerife - so fun :) Kids + water = fun

  2. I should have said that this beach is at Selsea just down the coast from Portsmouth. However the retail park West Quays in Southampton is a must from shopping!

  3. You live in one of my favorite towns, you lucky girl :) We'd love to move to Pyrford one day and have a few chickens. XOL

  4. Hi Sara!

    Thank you for finding my blog and leaving such a sweet comment! :) And yes, I do LOVE the beach!! Great photos, your family looks like a lot of fun :) I hope you visit back to Little Things Bring Smiles, I always love having readers! I'll be stopping by your blog again, thanks again!

    Katie@ Little Things Bring Smiles

  5. Thanks for making me feel better about my son's new obsession with a certain word :) They come up with some crazy stuff don't they?!

    Beautiful pics. You are making me want to head out to the beach this weekend, soak up some sun, and dip my toes in the water :)


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