4 April 2011

Buttons here and buttons there...

Did I tell you about my button collection?  I love buttons and I like making canvas pictures from them, so imagine my glee when a colleague of my Mum said that her Mum who had recently passed away collected buttons and she wanted to give them away to someone who would appreciate them.

Light bulb goes off in my Mum's head, and she suggest me! So I go to my Mum's work and collect boxes (and I mean boxes) of buttons.  I was so excited that when I got home I immediately started sorting them into colours;

See I wasn't joking about the amount of buttons I received (this isn't all of them).  I had saved some Douwe Egberts coffee jars and thought what better was to store my new stash, that way I can see what I have instantly.

Today I get a phone call from my Mum saying a man would be delivering three storage boxes of buttons....O.M.G....more buttons! I am in my nirvana; I love, adore, covet buttons....so they arrive and I use the good weather outside and the fact that Harry needs some fresh air and we're out there!  Sorting buttons once more;

Do you have a crazy, mad collection?...TTFN ~x~

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