2 February 2011

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside.....

I've been somewhat of a slacker these past few days, what with one thing or another I just haven't had a chance to post anything!

I managed to put a few more items on my Folksy site DoodleDandy which was left over stock from the Christmas fayre I did at my eldest son's school.  I really need to work on some new stock for my shop and have many ideas floating around my head.....I just need to get the ideas out and make them!

I have made a momentous decision that my bathroom needs redecorating. It's not an old bathroom and it's actually a lovely blue colur with creamy beige tiles, but it just needs something....which leads me on to what I've been doing when I get a moment, I've created a mood board. Basically I Googled the theme I was after and have found some great inspiration. The theme? The Beach!

I've decided to paint the walls with a stripe effect in neutral shades, which should look great with the white suite and white cabinet.  Then I just need to fill it full of beach accessories, like boats, lighthouses, starfish to name a few....watch this space and when it's done I'll post a picture. TTFN ~x~

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  1. I love your mood board, I have a couple more ideas which I think you may like too...



    Sarah x


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