3 February 2011

Cakes, glorious cakes........

Just wanted to let you know about my cakes.  My other hobby, baking and decorating cakes which I mostly do for friends, family and work colleagues.  I started making cakes when my eldest son had his 1st birthday and his cake was a Fimbles cake....do you remember the Fimbles??

Well, lets just say I got the bug for it and proceeded to make cakes for other members of my family.  Then one day one of my colleagues was retiring and she was into gardening and had an allotment, so I offered to make a cake...which I have to say turned out pretty good.  Lots of my colleagues at work were impressed and it went from there really.  I don't really advertise my cake making, I just go on word of mouth, but its something I love doing.

Here's one of my favourites;

TTFN ~x~

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