26 January 2011

My box full of magic...

Wow....Its been a while hasn't it? Well I guess a few days anyway... I've been pretty busy with work and the children so haven't had a chance to post anything.

I was sorting through some fabrics and all my stash and thought I'd show you my beloved craft box, its full of paints, ribbons, paper stock, ooh so much I just love it! My pal Sally over at Knit Sally Knit bought a king size duvet set at a charity shop last week, so I was busy cutting that up yesterday, its has a patchwork effect so I cut up all the different squares so I can actually make them into a patchwork item, you can see them in my craft box below, they are floral with a green and white spot background and stripes;

On Monday, I took delivery of the woven ribbons I ordered.  I found them slightly cheaper on Holland Fabric House, they have allsorts of haberdashery and fabrics, check it out!

I could probably do with sorting out my craft box, putting things into storage boxes etc.....watch this space the next time you see my box of magic, it WILL be tidy!!! TTFN ~x~

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