23 February 2013

Not long now, whoop whoop...

I have been busy sorting out my new laptop today, only to realise that the processor isn't powerful enough to load Adobe CS4!! Arrgghhh! So now I'm thinking do I look into changing the processor for a more powerful one or purchase a new laptop??? Hmmm, gonna have to think about that one!

Now I'm waffling on about my new laptop but I've not explained why I have a new one.  Well in 5 days I will have to hand the other one back to work, they won't let me buy it from them (bah humbug!) so I've got me a new one.

Whoop, whoop...5 days!! I can't quite believe it.  I'm hoping I can bow out gracefully, what I mean is I don't want any big goodbyes, just a 'catch ya laters!'. That would do me.

Come Thursday evening I'll be hosting our very first 'Book Club' then Friday morning I'll be catching up with the girls at the coffee shop. I'm going to embrace the 'lady of leisure' persona for my month, can't wait!

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