5 March 2013

Where you been hon?

So I haven't posted for a while and I have reasons for that people.

I finished my job of 18 years on Thursday midday, came home, picked up the my eldest boy from school, came home and prepared for the first ever book club (I will post on that soon), sorted the dinner out for children and husband, then had book club.

On Friday I did coffee with the some of my friends (Mums from the school) at the coffee shop, had breakfast there..yum!! Had a pretty chilled day and then went out for an indian meal on Friday evening with some of my 'old' colleagues..ha, sounds funny saying that, had a ball!

On Saturday, I thought I was on my way out, gonna meet my maker, kick the bucket....are you getting me?? I had the worse bout of sickness/stomach upset and can only put it down to food poisoning! All day I was bent over doubled with pain in my stomach and cold sweats....arrrgghhh.

So that's why I haven't taken the opportunity to use my free time and post about my new goodies etc.

But I'm okay now, I did manage to order a few things on Friday. I got me one of these...
Image source
and one of these...

Image source

For my future projects and little Etsy business I have planned so watch this space...I do hope you don't get bored with me rattling on about the silhouette cameo as I'm sure I will!!

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  1. This is exactly what I had on Thursday/Friday so I think there is a bug going around! Hope you have fun with you silhouette can't wait to see your first creations x


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