7 February 2013

Organising my life - part one

Today is 21 days until D-Day, that's done-day to those who don't know...as of 1 March 2013, I am a woman without a job!

So I've been thinking that for a whole month I am going to try and organise my life, get my mind ready to go out and look for a job and concentrate on getting healthy.  I explained to my husband I'm taking a month off (yes there was a look of utter shock on his face, hey he'll get over it!) Yep, a whole month to myself, for me, to do what I want to do!

Well, I've started on the healthier me, it still needs work but I figure I am a work in progress, more of that later.

So why organise my life?

I would say I'm not really bad at organisation, for example I have a clean desk policy at my work at present, everything has its place and my in/out trays are rarely have anything in them but I could do with sorting out my home life more. When I started thinking about the reasons I came up with the following:

I want more time for myself
I would like to sit down in the evening after the children have gone to bed and be able to do my own thing, read my kindle, take a bath, watch a movie.  As it is now, I do read my kindle or watch a movie but it usually happens between 11pm and 1am! Which then has a knock on effect for the following day, I'm exhausted.

I want to be stress free and be able to relax 
My job at present is really stressful, I work at the office and from home, and invariably I work into the evening after the boys are in bed, then I read my kindle or watch a movie in an attempt to relax...it's not working for me.

I want to spend time with my children and family
If I don't have to spend my time cleaning or planning meals or sorting out paperwork, I will have more time to spend with the children and my family, that's a given.

I want to walk into my home, know where everything is and feel good about my environment
My home is clean, that's for sure, but there are days when there are mounds of clutter here and there, paperwork on the dresser, toys piled on the bookshelf, DVDs on the top of the toy box...drives me nuts.
I would like a place for everything, labelled and easily found.

I want my children to look at my organisation skills and adopt them subconsciously
I figure if I can organise my life it would encourage my boys to be tidy and keep things in places they can find...I can live in hope!

I want to be healthier
Okay, I touched on this above. I want to plan my meals better and incorporate some exercise into my life, I want to be healthier. I have started watching what I'm eating, cutting down on portion sizes but I really need to set aside some time to exercise

I want to save more
Well who doesn't right? If I can have meal plans in place this should reduce the amount of food that we waste, don't get me wrong, I don't waste a lot of food but I do waste some.  I tend to buy pre-prepared food too which can be more expensive that homemade. I also want to take advantage of the huge chest freezer in my garage!

So where do I start? Well I'm going to try to address each of the 'goals' above, I will keep you updated with my progress, wish me luck!?

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