18 March 2012

Upcycle heaven...

Don't throw it away, upcycle it!

Having worked in an IT environment for many years, it surprised me when I saw what great things can be made from old circuit boards. There must be so many of these across the world sitting inside computers rusting away on the dump pile, why not put them to use!

The shoe sculpture was created by Gabriel Dishaw, they are made from upcycled computer parts/hardware such as circuit boards, computer chips, ram, data cables, aluminum, copper and rubber. You have to check out his website, he has so great sculptures.

David Cassella made this pretty floral-esque brooch from recycled circuit boards, anodized aluminum, and brass.

These boxer shorts have been dubbed Population Control 2.0, this anatomically correct pair of boxer briefs are manties with a message: They remark on medical studies that link long-term laptop use with male infertility, while wryly suggesting that computers may offer the ultimate birth control…and humanity’s undoing. They have been created by Emiko Oye, as were the delicate drop earrings made from circuit board and embellished with synthetic alpinite set in silver.

These fab bookends would looks great in a geeky kids bedroom or and office environment. They were created by Debby Arem Designs who can be found on Etsy. They create jewellrey and office products from recycled circuit board. Check out their other items...cool!

The 'notebook' is a really cool idea for a school kid, although I would like to think that the circuit board has been covered in a protective covering, those circuit boards have sharp points all over it!!

From Christoph Koch comes this unusual circuit board necklace of recycled circuit boards, sterling silver, magnets.

And last but not least, this funky circuit board covered car. The only thing I can say about this is lets hope it deters thieves...not that I think anyone would want to steal it!! TTFN ~x~

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