16 March 2012

Folksy finds on Friday...

Last year I did a 'Folksy finds on Friday' for both St Patrick's day and Mothers' day, which both fall this weekend.

So I thought lets combine the both this year, this weeks theme....Green Mothers' Day gifts

  1. Emerald green Chalcedony Pendant  ~ £28.00  @  Abyjem handcrafted jewellery
  2. Olive Orla purse~ £16.00 @ Thirtyfive Flowers
  3. I'm a little teapot brooch ~£6.00 @  nelli D
  4. 'Going Green' Framed Glass Art ~ £95.00 @ 2KilnDesign
  5. Emerald & Blue Platter ~ £25.00  @ Melting Point
  6. Green apple stud earrings  ~ £3.00  @ Kezenza 
I think my mum would probably like the the purse from Thirtyfive Flowers as she always buys new purses when we go shopping and I would be more than happy to receive the emerald green Chalcedony Pendant from Abyjem handcrafted jewellery from my boys! TTFN ~x~

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