5 March 2013

Book Club - meeting one

When I got home on Thursday I began preparing for our first ever book club, we had decided that each host would prepare some nibbles and provide the beverages...do you know that I like to go above and beyond? Anyhoo, nibbles to me entailed and antipasti platter; Italian meats, sundried tomatoes, chargrilled artichokes, mixed olives. Then of course I did a platter of Italian cheeses with walnuts and fresh figs, along with a selection of breads with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  Okay so not really nibbles but I was feeling hungry!!!

We talked over the food and wine about books, life, our children and then came the choosing of our first book.

It was my choice so I decided to provide the members with a choice of two;
Image source
They both have a great synopsis but overall we all thought The Alchemist would be a good one to start with, I have both on my Kindle so I intend to read both anyway. I'm rally looking forward to The Alchemist as it's a renowned bestseller and my sister has read it and thoroughly recommended it!

Next book club is in six weeks time, I can't wait to discuss the book! I'll keep you posted.  If anyone would like to read the book along with us please feel free, I'll be asking for comments when I publish the next book club post...enjoy reading!

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