7 May 2011

They call it mellow yellow....

Yellow.  I love the colour yellow, not quite as much as white but it does something for your mood, do you know what I mean? When I see yellow things it reminds me of spring and summer, of warmth and sunshine, it makes me smile....so yellow can't be bad can it?

So what is the meaning of yellow, I found the following information from Feng Shui and Beyond and it describes how yellow makes me feel to a tea!

The meaning of yellow is very happy, warm, stimulating, and expansive. Yellow draws people out and makes them more talkative. It helps to focus one’s attention and stimulate the intellect. Yellow also encourages hope and optimism, and is very grounding and supportive when muted. Some common properties of the color yellow include:

Social / Extroverted
Cheerful (happiest of all colors)
Grounding, support, stability (when muted)
Abundance / Richness / Splendor
Hope / Optimism
High-spirited / Inspiring
Potency / Fertility

The meaning of the color yellow is commonly associated with light and the sun. Like the sun, the color yellow is very warm, uplifting, cheerful and happy.

I've heard, yellow is going to be huge this year, so I did a little research into all things yellow and came up with the following;

Yellow rooms are are said to make people more talkative and outgoing. I love the bathroom and kitchen in these pictures.

I love the colour yellow but unfortunately I don't think I could wear it with my colouring, so this year I'll be looking out for yellow accessories to go with my usual black clothing!!! I'll be the one that looks like a bumblebee.....BTW I'm loving this Chanel bag, early birthday pressie maybe? Yeah right. TTFN ~x~


  1. There are lots of other colours you could wear with yellow other than black!! Get colourful for the summer!!


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