1 May 2011

Summer is on its way....

Well if felt like it yesterday anyway!  The weather was glorious here so we took advantage of it and we were outside most of the day.

We cut the lawn and watered the garden and I think it looks lovely, don't you think?

I treated myself to a gorgeous white azalea that caught my eye whilst I was shopping in Waitrose, I know Sarah, its white!! lol I have a thing about all things white at the moment and its a bit of a standing joke with my pal Sarah.  That got planted yesterday too.

My Dad and I finished the fence painting on Friday afternoon, after the wedding....had to take advantage of the extra day off.

I guess it's been a pretty busy weekend, Dad oiled the table and I started oiling the director chairs, which I think will come up looking lovely.  I've ordered some dark green dye for the canvas covers, so they can be freshened up for the Summer too.

So there you go, thats been my weekend so far and I have today and Monday to fill up too...I think we'll move the rotary drier to the side of the house today....its spoils the look of the garden and tomorrow.....hmmm maybe a bit of crafting in preparation for the school fayre....pheww! Have you been busy??? TTFN ~x~

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