16 January 2011

Easy like Sunday morning...

Just sat here browsing the net, found some fabulous fabric by Amy Butler, and have decided I'm going to make some patchwork cushions and a topper for my bed, when I say topper I kind of mean a quilt, but not as big as one but larger than a runner!.....if that makes sense?

I have decided I'll start by making some blocks, then sew them all together, I'll do something quite simple that will incorporate all five of these designs!

Yesterday, was so hectic, my husband took my eldest boy to football training and came home with two more boys!!! I would'nt have minded had I not been having a good clearout and doing a charity shop run.  I did my bit for charity and took four huge sacks of clothes and four carrier bags of books!  Wow, it felt great to get rid of all those bits I'd been saving to put on Ebay, I kept some of the better stuff to put on which is still in a large box in the corner of my bedroom (much to the disgust of my husband - bothered!).

Hey ho, back to browsing......TTFN ~x~

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