12 November 2011

Be prepared...It's a cubs life!

Today I have been busy with my son and his friend Connor.  We have been working on their cub scout DIY badge, well to be honest I just took the photos, it was my Dad that did all the work with them.

They had to do some woodwork, today they made a magic marble towel holder.  Have you heard of these?
They are super cool and relatively easy to do and the guys were pretty pleased with themselves.
Here's some from Magic Towel Holders, an online store from Grand Island, New York.

The boys opted for the simple version, although a lot of effort went into them.

I'll post all the pictures soon, they are going to start work on their chef badge tomorrow at Connor's house and next week we're building Tech Deck ramps! Woo Woo! Should be fun, not sure they will turn out like these ones though!

I wonder how many of these will be purchased this Christmas?! I know one little man who has one on his list. TTFN ~x~

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  1. My son LOVES woodworking - unfortunately his grandfather with all the talent and tools are an ocean away. These ramps look really cool - we have a few of those little skateboards lying around. Have fun!!


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