28 October 2011

I'm late, I'm late...

No don't worry, not that kind of late! People, I'm not pregnant!!

But I am late...I'm usually well on my way to having most if not all my Christmas shopping done but I have to hold my hands up and admit I have not had the time to get anything...until today that is.

I met one of my friends down the road at lunchtime and we were walking and talking, looking in the charity shop, you know like you do and we decided to pop into the chemist.  They had buy one get one half price on Baylis and Harding gift sets, I adore their products so I picked up a couple of sets for my Mum and sister!
Yay, I'm off and on my way, only a few hundred more pressies to go and I'm done!!! I'm off to look at Ebay and some online toy shops...when I get going I just can't stop! TTFN ~x~

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